Wednesday, October 15, 2014

p1 video magnet review

P1 Video Magnet information :
Vendor: Peter Garety
Product: P1 Video Magnet
Launch Date: 2014-09-23
Launch Time: 12:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $30-$100
Niche: WordPress theme and plugin
What should you know about P1 Video Magnet ?
P1 Video Magnet package which includes P1 Video Magnet WP Theme and P1 Video Curator WP Plugin is the most powerful Video Marketing System on WordPress. It not only explores all the lates SEO, FB, Youtube and online business stratefies and methods, but it also makes a website look stunning
P1 Video Magnet Features:
§  Exceptional, fully SEO optimized WP theme – YES, SEO is important, but it MUST also look impressive – P1 Video Magnet Theme does it all
§  Integrated P1 Social Conversion module with – style ($3995 price tag per month) visitor engagement system – will not only keep visitors on the website, but will also convert them to valuable followers or opt-ins to your email list
§  Intelligent and strategic video Curation system – no more randomly posting videos on your site – it is 2014 and technology must do better than that – we have that technology inside of P1 Video Curator
§  Semi-automatic content optimization system – if schema.orgdoesn’t sounds impressive anymore, being able to leverage YouTube playlist does – and that is what this part of P1 Video Magnet system is all about
§  And much more.

Yes, the P1 video  Magnet review  really DOES help you optimize your content. After the installing the plugin, here's a quick recap of how it makes the Google Bots basically 'love' your site:

  • Helps optimize your content for 'word frequency' from highest to lowest priority
  • Identifies the presence of rich media on all your posts and pages (relevant image & video)
  • Identifies and helps setup Google Authorship and Publisher markup (and a lot more)
  • Tracks your rankings and shows you right from your wordpress admin (saves time & money)

'Word frequency'
 is a brand new concept in content optimization. Basically, its all about individual words on your page, not the exact keyword phrase.

For example, if you are trying to rank for 'Top European Vacation Destinations''s exactly what Google wants to see on your page:

The word 'Top' should have the highest overall frequency on your page
The word 'European' should have the 2nd highest frequency
The word 'Vacation' should be 3rd highest
The word 'Destinations' should be 4th highest
Click here to view full video demo

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